Tree gathered by Oasis Owner, Johnny Rowe.

Trees, as they exist in nature, are susceptible to a great number of stresses. Perhaps their environment is not ideal. The sun may be too hot, the ground may not yield enough moisture. Perhaps the tree is on a path that animals frequent and their tender new leaves and branches have been bitten or battered over time. Trees may be dwarfed by the combination of these factors. They may be stunted and irregularly-shaped.

It is precisely such trees with appeal to the bonsai collector. “Yamadori” is the art of seeing and collecting such trees from nature and potting them in the safety of an indoor space. After one year, when a tree has proven that it responds to care by putting out new growth, the bonsai practitioner will start to shape the tree—lovingly guiding the tree in order to emphasize its natural beauty and distinct character. The goal is not to improve the tree. The goal is to bring out the truth of the tree—to guide the tree with respect and appreciation.

It is this practice that a yoga instructor understands implicitly. Yogis bring so many stresses into our studios. Some exist or have existed in a less-than-ideal environment. Some need detoxification or nutrients. Others simply need care and attention. It is the job of the yoga instructor to love all the irregularities in each yogi, and to bring out their inner character with respect and consideration. Each one of us at Oasis has an inner beauty and a unique truth which is revealed over time through dedicated practice. Join us on this journey.

~ Claire Grady-Smith, Marketing Manager