Running and Yoga: Symbiosis

Yoga, and especially Bikram Hot Yoga, provides so many benefits to your body. As the weather gets warmer and those trails start to dry up enough for a good run, it’s time to think about ways to take your running even further this year.

We discussed how Yoga helps the circulatory system and the lymph system in our last post. The benefits to the respiratory system of the Pranayama Deep Breathing cannot be emphasized enough. A six second inhale and a six second exhale expand the lungs and chest repeatedly for the first fifteen minutes of class. You’ll find that you crave the way that Pranayama helps you focus the mind, be in the body, and increase your endurance on the trail. It’s a well known fact that yogis have four times the lung capacity of a regular person, and every runner can imagine the benefit of that!

Yoga, and especially Bikram Beginner Hot Yoga, also prevents injuries on the trail. Shin splints, sore ankles, and pains in your knees are common ailments for runners that simply dissipate with regular yoga practice. Don’t take our word for it! Hear it from Adriene, in this video below. She will clearly explain exactly what Bikram Hot Yoga has done for her body following a major leg injury caused by running. We love this video because we know intimately what she has been through and what she is describing, simply because all yogis discover how they have, with regular practice, recovered from some internal or external issue with astonishing speed.