Mudras, and how they help!

mudrasMudras are simply “hand poses.” The way you hold your hands together (clasp your hands together to the webbing, palms together to the wrist, release the index finger) has meaning. Below are just two examples of why you want to pay attention to how you subconsciously link your fingers together both in and out of the yoga studio.

Right Thumb on Top: “Ha,” or Sun Mudra
When you place your right thumb on top, your are gathering energy and focus. Typically it is men who will put their hands together automatically in this fashion. Anyone can chose to switch their dominant hand and put their right thumb overtop of their left and this will help them generate a sharp, attentive focus.

Left Thumb on Top: “Tha,” or Moon Mudra
Sometimes in yoga, or in life, you become overstimulated and your heart is racing. In these instances pay attention to which thumb is on top when you clasp your hands together. If your right thumb is on top of your left, consider switching this. Typically women will put their hands together automatically in this fashion.The Moon Mudra will calm you down, even to the point of slowing your heart rate and allowing you to relax.

Try these during the day today and discover how these pressure points work for you. Try them especially in Bikram Yoga, and notice how you can either renew your active focus (with Sun Mudra) or calm your overactive mind (with Moon Mudra). Use your body as a medium.