Ayurveda: Air, Fire or Earth?

chachateaWhat are the right foods for your body type?

Whether you are the Dosha type Vata, Pitta or Kapha, these Ayurvedic teas will bring you comfort and relaxation. Being out of alignment with your Dosha type due to lack of exercise, eating the wrong foods for your body type, or not balancing with stabilizing teas will result in negative thoughts, bad sleep patterns, indigestion and fluctuations in weight.

Cha Cha Tea Kingston’s incredible Ayervedic stabilizing teas are now available at Oasis to try before class or to give as a gift. Owner Kaoru Miller creates incredibly flavourful and complex organic loose leaf teas. We are the only location downtown that offers these nourishing, authentic teas.

A brief word about the three Doshas:
Vata (air): This Dosha type thrives on routine, especially for meals. These individuals tend to suffer from dry skin and hair, cracking joints, and a restless nature. Nourishing winter foods include squash, beans and kale. Vata types should stay away from spicy or fermented foods/drinks and should never eat fried foods.

Pitta (fire): This Dosha type suffers from digestive upset, skin problems and blood disorders. Foods that this type needs and craves are cooling and refreshing, such as raw foods and fresh juices. Pitta types find sweet foods nourishing, but should avoid rice, wheat and spelt.

Kapha (earth + water): Kapha Dosha types tend to be heavy-set and darker in complexion. Oily hair and skin is also a common complaint, especially when this Dosha is out of balance. Kapha types crave meat, but should consider becoming vegetarians as they are prone to overeating and eating far too late in the day. Ginger tea is recommended if a Kapha stabilizing tea is not available.


To find out more about Cha Cha Tea, visit their website at chachatea.com.