Yoga, and especially Bikram Hot Yoga, provides so many benefits to your body. As the weather gets warmer and those trails start to dry up enough for a good run, it’s time to think about ways to take your running even further this year. We discussed how Yoga helps the […]

Running and Yoga: Symbiosis

We’ve all heard that yogis live longer, but how does that actually work? A regular yoga practice improves your body’s circulation. That part makes sense to us. I mean, it’s good to not have cold feet all the time, right? Well, healthy blood circulation is actually far, far more beneficial […]

Break it Down for Me

Mudras are simply “hand poses.” The way you hold your hands together (clasp your hands together to the webbing, palms together to the wrist, release the index finger) has meaning. Below are just two examples of why you want to pay attention to how you subconsciously link your fingers together […]

Mudras, and how they help!

What are the right foods for your body type? Whether you are the Dosha type Vata, Pitta or Kapha, these Ayurvedic teas will bring you comfort and relaxation. Being out of alignment with your Dosha type due to lack of exercise, eating the wrong foods for your body type, or […]

Ayurveda: Air, Fire or Earth?

In Thailand there is a saying, “same-same, but different.” It is said in response to a variety of queries, such as “how are you,” “did you like the movie,” “are you closed today,” or “is this dish good?” Nobody knows the origin of the saying, it simply appeared on the […]

Same-Same, but Different

Trees, as they exist in nature, are susceptible to a great number of stresses. Perhaps their environment is not ideal. The sun may be too hot, the ground may not yield enough moisture. Perhaps the tree is on a path that animals frequent and their tender new leaves and branches […]